Project Portfolio Manager

Rethink how projects are managed across the enterprise

Today’s healthcare organizations are engaged in a wealth of activities designed to improve operations and service delivery while managing everpresent budgetary constraints. With Performance Logic Project Portfolio Manager (PPM), you’ll have a powerful project management tool to support your vision and bring a new level of success to your projects and initiatives.

Performance Logic PPM is a comprehensive, web-based application that takes you from project intake and prioritization through planning, implementation and ongoing project monitoring and analysis. We have carefully designed a healthcare-focused solution that integrates portfolio management, performance measurement, team communications, data collection and analysis, and solutions management. Integrated status dashboards use real-time data to keep you aware of project performance. Performance Logic PPM can be integrated with other applications, including Outlook and Microsoft Project.

Explore Performance Logic PPM Features Project Governance Project Management Portfolio Management Resource Management Comprehensive Analytics

Project Governance

  • Create standard webforms for inbound project requests
  • Implement scoring tools for evaluating proposals
  • Standarize project approvals
  • Ensure new projects align with strategic plan and goals

Project Management

  • Create your own project plans, timelines, and milestones
  • Use integrated Lean/Six Sigma modules and A3 templates
  • View real-time status of project tasks and days to completion
  • Manage team communications, meeting schedules, agendas, and minutes
  • Select, develop, and track meaningful performance measures
  • Establish project dashboards to monitor key indicators at a glance

Portfolio Management

  • List enterprise-wide projects and initiatives in one clear view
  • Illustrate accountability and statuses of all projects
  • Organize projects in customizable folders
  • Employ user-based permissions to provide security and control data access
  • Create and share project templates as standard methodology and best practice
  • Sort projects by project manager, status, time frame, or other criteria

Resource Management

  • Create, schedule, and assign tasks
  • Allocate hours and costs for each task
  • Assess work distribution and monitor resource availability
  • View resource utilization across projects
  • Track planned vs. actual dates and hours
  • Create automatic Gantt chart views

Comprehensive Analytics

  • Generate analyses easily with built-in templates
  • Select from a variety of options for graphing, including bar, pie, and line graphs
  • Create root cause/fishbone maps and Pareto charts
  • Clarify operational processes with flow charts and process maps